Glass Object



"Designer Pamela Lindgren has created these hand casted glass kidneys specially for the Swedish Kidney Association. The glass kidneys are produced in Sweden. YOU&ME are individually moulded glass kidneys, naturally-sized and with a special matt finish. They act as magnifying glasses. The idea is that your own words or a special name or photo can be placed under the glass, as a memento."

To give a kidney or to receive a kidney from another human being is something that both giver and receiver bear with them forever. To give life and to be given life.

I chose the name YOU & ME as a celebration to life! The great gift of life, to care for one another is what it's all about. In designing the two glass kidneys I was inspired by the natural shape and size of the human kidney. If you are giving or if you have been given a glass kidney you can place your own words, name or images under the clear glass, as a memory, or as a symbol.

When I designed the kidneys it was important to make choices that meant I could be close to the production process, to the materials and to the craftsmanship. The hand-molded glass is made by Skrufs Glassworks in Småland, Sweden.

The glass kidneys are specially designed for the Swedish Kidney Association by Pamela Lindgren Designer MFA.